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Three SEO Trends For 2019

Three SEO Trends For 2019

Trends change every year, maybe even every month but we see the most change and progress through years. With every new year there will be new techniques on how to improve your website’s SEO. If you don’t keep up with the trends it can be very difficult to compete with other websites when wanting to achieve higher rankings. SEO Malaysia can help your website with keeping up with the newest trends in order for the website to stay ahead of the competition.

The first and most important latest SEO technique is having trendy content produced on your website. Without this content it is very difficult to gain attraction from more users when wanting to improve better SEO rankings. Relevant and trendy content may sound common however it isn’t. Getting content that is exceptional in a way is good, as it allows for more unorthodox content that is intriguing to users which would fascinate them into clicking onto your website. Having similar and repetitive content can be very boring for most users as it becomes too monotonous and dull. With today’s internet and age, it is vital to find and create content that can grab the user’s attention as it allows your website to stay ahead of the competition.

Another important SEO trend for 2019 is to completely understand your user’s wants. Without knowing them, you wouldn’t know how to improve your content, website functions, and etc. Getting feedback and having data that can track what your users want from your website is important to analyse. Through analysing this data, it can be very helpful in understanding on how to improve the overall functions and optimization of the website. By trying to constantly improve your website to cater the user’s wants you can gain much more traffic as your website can be shared around on multiple social media platforms. Remember the more noticed your website gets the more chance it has in gaining higher traffic load.

Lastly, the third SEO trend for 2019 which is also important is to follow Google’s E-A-T. Now what is this E-A-T? E (Expertise) – A (Authority) – T (Trustworthiness), these three words create the acronym EAT. This acronym is made by Google and it is to improve their search engine optimization for websites. Therefore they put more emphasis and higher SEO rankings on websites that follow E-A-T. Your website must have reliable information, proper services, must be ethical, and etc. In general and overall, your website must have content that is reliable, trusting and ethical. It can be quite hard to comply with these characteristics for your website, however it is important to do it as it can truly improve your SEO ranking.

Now these trends may seem difficult, however it is very important for you to follow these trends as it will be helpful to move up the SEO rankings quickly and ethically. As the task is laborious, choose SEO Malaysia to help your website in achieving the goal of top SEO rankings.