Instagram VS Real Photography

Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is not fake photography and real photography doesn’t mean that it is professional photography. I’m not going to drag the title to argue with you but instead to bring the issue to the table for the attention of modern kind of photographers who today mustn’t use DSLR as a medium to take photos but instead use smartphones. We are already aware that being a famous photographer Malaysia or to be one, it can be because of totally different reasons. Some got it posted on Instagram, some posted in on their websites as a portfolio.

It is the time for the harsh truth guys, Instagram photos often force you to follow the trend to get the right colour palette for the photo. Thus you use some filters to enhance the red of the photo but also reduce the warmness of the photo. It could look great on Instagram, maybe for the likes, but not for the sake of photo itself. Do justice to it by taking the photo with the right amount of light and only correct minor elements that strip away the beauty of the original subject. Then only you can get the right real photograph.

Instagram is a tricky app. Not all photographer you see there is a good photographer in general. They could manipulate the Photographer Malaysia photo to the point that it actually looks totally different from the original. Thus that is why Instagram is perceived as a secondary choice for a digital portfolio for any photographers. Real photography is when it is magnificently embracing the original resemblance of the original subject. It could be the brightness that is altered but not the original piece of the subject.

Real photography embraces the imperfect and impure elements of the subject and the photo itself. However on the contrast, Instagram photography usually just aim to remove the imperfect elements of the photo. Photographer Malaysia has noted that real photography takes a lot of courage of the photographer to show even the impurity of the photo as it could contain the story or makes the story richer. We already know that nothing is perfect and perfect means boring. Thus all those perfect Instagram photos mean that it could be plain with little to no story. So you choose, whether to take photos for the sake of the perfect Instagram photo or let it be a real photo with almost 99.99% of resemblance to the original subject?

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